What is PaymentBox

What is PaymentBox

PaymentBox is a decentralized blockchain-backed Secure Payments Platform that provides a simple way for online purchases. No more entering a credit or a debit card during checkout. The purchase is validated on the corresponding mobile app: either on your own mobile device or delegate the payment request to someone else's. All transactions are verified to ensure security, accountability and convenience.



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  • It’s difficult to make an online purchase without a credit card, a debit card, or without access to your bank account.

  • It’s difficult to pay for another individual’s purchases without giving up your own financial information, or having to be physically present complete the transaction.

  • It’s not easy to delegate payments to a friend or groups of friends, and be able to give them extra “interest” in return.

  • There is a need for a decentralized system of records that shows proof and transfer of ownership to protect all parties in an ecommerce transaction.



Payment Delegation

Consumers have the option to delegate the payment request to another person (e.g. think teenagers/college students shopping and need parental approval), which traditionally has been a pain point involving sharing sensitive information or needing to be physically present. PaymentBox provides a secure and convenient option where you can select an in network trusted friend or phone number to delegate payments to. Once selected, PaymentBox sends the transaction request to the selected person for payment. A smart contract is created and the transaction recorded in the ledger.

Payment Approval Chain

Additionally, PaymentBox’s delegation model enables proof of ownership and the transfer of ownership from one entity to another in a chain without the need of third-party intermediaries.

Payment Sharing

Sometimes we need help when purchasing a big ticket item. PaymentBox makes it easy to ask for friends to help in time of need. Users can choose to assign a request for payment to a group of friends in their PaymentBox network or social network (Facebook, Instagram, etc). As an incentive, PaymentBox includes a reward platform whereby the borrower can specify a reward for someone who helped make a payment. It is also possible to specify a reward one is willing to give for help making a payment. Multiple friends can bid and the highest bid wins the contract.
Anyone on the platform can provide rewards in a form of PaymentBox token.

Ecosystem Incentives

Ecosystem Incentives


We are offering PaymentBox tokens (PAYT) to incentivize bootstrapping of promote strong user participation. PaymentBox tokens can be obtained from the public exchange, and PaymentBox/merchant promotions and incentives. Each time a user completes a transaction with PaymentBox, a percentage of the transaction will be rewarded back to the user as PaymentBox tokens.


In addition to user incentives, merchants also receive tokens to participate in the PaymentBox ecosystem.Merchants receiving PAYT-based transactions will not pay transaction fees. In addition, even when a merchant receives a credit card transaction, a portion of the transaction fee is given in tokens back to merchant as an incentive. Merchants have the option to incentivise their customers through PaymentBox promotions and discounts.



Project Envision
Mar 2017
Apr 2017
Team Formation
Market Research + Development Starts
Jun 2017
Sep 2017
POC Successfully Created
Public Announcement
Jan 2018
Q3 2018
Token Sale
Mobile App + Platform Pilot Launch
Q4 2018
Q1 2019
Official Launch
Pilot Payment Gateway Service
Q2 2019
Q3 2019
Payment Gateway Platform opens to all Merchants

Token Sale Terms

Token Sale Terms






Ex PayPal and eBay leader, where he lead the PayPal REST API and eBay Enterprise AppStore teams. Focused on making the PaymentBox platform the most secure and deliver the most value to clients. His commitment and energy sets us up for success.


Director of Engineering

Senior software engineer with over 10 years of development experience in defense, investment banking, and connected fitness products. Spent the past 5 years researching advanced reinforcement learning algorithms with a focus on continual learning, hyperparameter learning, and sample efficient algorithms.


Director of Sales

Business professional with over a decade of experience in managing client relationships and skills to develop and execute demand generation, marketing, sales and customer success strategies to drive brand awareness and new revenue potential.


Director of User Experience

Senior PHP developer having 6+ Year experience with core php, Magento,Opencart, Drupal, Wordpress and Laravel. B-Tech in computer science and has extensive experience working with Ecommerce platforms.


Tonya Browning is an experienced technology leader with expertise in digital design, software engineering, usability, and accessibility.


Advisor and angel investor in many startups in TX with Capital Factory and rest of US with HBS Angels. Helping them from concept through multiple funding rounds.


Aldrich Huang is CEO & co-founder of UXTesting, Founder of SavvyUxer, and Organizer of Savvy UX Summit 2017.


Max was Technical Director in Magento Inc., where he was responsible for organizing, scaling and executing technical delivery of Magento 2 product.